15 Etudes for Bassoon, in the style of 20 th century music.
(Also for Oboe)

Bassoon Music of Arthur Weisberg
(available from this website)

A Song and a Dance, for Unaccompanied Bassoon 10

Duo for Bassoon & Piano 11
Sonata for Bassoon & Piano 12
Duo for Viola & Bassoon 12
Trio for Violin, Bassoon, & Piano 13
Quartet for Bassoon, Violin, Viola, and Cello 22
Concerto for Bassoon & Strings 23
Concerto for Oboe, Bassoon & Strings 24
Five for Five, for Woodwind Quintet 16


Bach & Bassoon
  • Unaccompanied works arranged for Bassoon, by Arthur Weisberg
  • Two Cello suites, a Flute and a Violin Partita.

  • Sonata in D minor, and Quartet in D minor

New York Woodwind Quintet, numerous recordings